Sunday in God’s House

Bet you always wondered what happens on Sunday’s in heaven. There are so many beliefs about heaven and hell, and I bet most of you still consider true the stories of pearly gates, angels and pure happiness and joy. I guess that’s true but it’s really more of a perception than a reality.

I’ve heard that some believe this life on earth is our heaven, our blessing and privilege. Others believe this is ‘hell’. But why do you worry about this?

Words give solidity to a thought. It is at that very moment, when you have defined a limitation to a thought, that you begin a cycle of creation.  Human beings seem to need to touch and feel. Even “faith” has been defined.

We are creators of matter. From life to man-made crystals, to the elements of nature.

Yes, there are those where this body, in this lifetime, restricts them tremendously. These are the masters. Some–Nelson Mandela, Dali Lama, Mother Theresa–chose to live in human form. Is it a surprise that they are part of your lifetime? They have given you something tangible in which to measure your worth. Don’t misunderstand.

Every single life is most worthy indeed. Every single life teaches us something and if you missed their lesson, take another peek. You might be amazed at what you see.

Sunday in God’s house is exactly that, Sunday. Then there is the rest of times.


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