Day 1 of 365

A friend (Living and Lovin; shared Zero to Hero and I thought what the heck.  I’ve got plenty of time on my hands and Lord knows I have a lot to write about. Check out the link on the right and join the fun.

Day 1: Who Am I

I am, was, an 81 year old lady who grew up at the most amazing time in our country’s history. I tried smoking pot in high school and it made me sick, joined the air force in the 50’s (a great decade), married three times, and dabbled in several alternative beliefs. (more on that another day).

Today? Well, that is an interesting concept. Some think my daughter writes all this stuff, others–those that see beyond themselves–they know. Today, I am a free spirit hanging out with old friends and family. I sneak up on my kid every once and while just to see if she is paying attention. Most days she’s not, but every now and then she gets it.

So this blog thing requires some dedication. The goal is to post something every day. I’ll be using the 365 days of writing prompts to help. Hope your follow me.


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