Spirit Riding on Ribbons

Been a month. I did my best to ping her, but February has proven to be a very challenging month.  Ha Ha…today is an old wedding anniversary of mine–just remembered; February 28, 1960.  

She sat in her room all day, wondering why everything felt so empty. Tears and confusion as the little girl returned pushing aside the adult.

Where did everyone go? Mom are you still around?

I was so far away I barely heard her. Not sure when I left the house. My time as Spirit on this earth is coming to an end. While the memories will remain with my daughter, my presence will fade a little more each day.  You know, she keeps my ashes on the shelf .

It’s time sweetie. It’s time to send them to the Valley of the Kings.

Time is like a ribbon. As the ribbon moves through space and sound it serves like a highway for the Spirit to travel. With each prayer or song you sing, you send out a ribbon for us to find. We jump on, holding on as tightly as we can, and find our way to your heart. There we stay a while and listen. There the healing occurs. Close your eyes and listen carefully. Do you hear me? Do you hear them?

Yes, Mom today I heard you–I miss our talks.

And the Living Soul shall not cast aside the body of dust that it taketh for a time. Rather, it shall leave its wanderings and answer the call for life. And the Living Soul shall dwell … to ponder what it has mastered, then shall it make for itself a new body of dust and once more walk the byways of wisdom, for that is the manner of everlasting life.

It’s been said that we come back with full memory of our previous life then slowly as our souls acclimate to a new body, new DNA, and honor the agreements we made, we forget that lifetime.


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