I’ll Call You: Not Coming Over For Dinner

Joy at Beach10 months has gone by, and there is a good chance this will be my last chat. I checked in last night, via the dream channel, to see how the kids were doing. My daughter is having a hard time being alone which just breaks my heart. But there isn’t anything I can do other than kiss her on the forehead and say goodbye.  She has a life that needs to be lived. There are books to read, religions to study, energy to harness and a grandson to teach.

Waiting anxiously for me to get home for dinner, she realized that she had journeyed to another dimension; the one where we could talk. Sadly, she can’t see me but it was good to know she heard me.  We talked on the phone. LOL

“Mom, your voice sounds so young. I can’t believe your 83. I miss you so much.  I have so many questions and you’ve always been my ‘go-to’ for advice.”

I know sweetie but you can do this. I won’t be coming over for dinner anymore. Kay is having a hard time and I’ll be there to help her through. So I’m going home.

“Your moving there permanently?”

Yes sweetie. I have things to do and you do too. It’s time you picked yourself up and moved forward. Make a change in your thoughts and the energy will be there to move you. It really is simple. Not much more than standing up and greeting the sun. Of course, brushing your teeth everyday is important, and wear a sweater so you don’t get cold.

“I love you mom. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to take better care of you when you were sick. I just couldn’t …. all I could do was fall to my knees…. I just couldn’t…..”

I woke up this morning wondering why she had to leave and figured out that it was her soul’s time to reincarnate. At first I thought Kay was a relative but maybe it is the name of a new baby girl. Whatever the reason, J Price Higgins will remain forever.

Mom 2-2012The Last Days

The final days of her human life were beautiful and tragic. The cancer had danced its way into her bones. Food was no longer an option, morphine had replaced it. Like the vision from the 70’s, I watched my mother’s face turn to a skeleton. Her body was free from old age and simply beautiful. It was the first time I had seen her without clothing. I watched as a Spirit entered the room and she pointed at it saying NO….NO…  She was scared. I think she wasn’t finished.

Wait, I’m not Finished was created in honor of life after death. J Price Higgins was my mom and best friend. There was a lot I didn’t do and many wishes that I had…

I will work with the Spirits and continue to pass on their words of wisdom as I can. So, don’t loose us, we are still here.

Thank you mom. I love you.


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